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Traumatic Brain Injuries & (TBI)

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Financial Assistance

Brain Injuries

Financial Assistance

There are a handful of possible sources of financial assistance and/or compensation for people with brain injuries. Sources of financial assistance often depend on how the injury occurred. At work, an SUV rollover, caused by a third party, etc.

Car accident / SUV Rollovers

Compensation may be recovered for individuals involved in a SUV rollover accident or in certain car accident cases. Financial security for the patient and the family is often made possible by these efforts which can be in the millions of dollars. Call 1 1-800-913-6370 or fill out the form below to receive additional information on how you might recover financial assistance.

Disability Insurance

Disability claims may be filed if one has such insurance either privately or through an employer.

Social Security Disability

Disability claims can be filed with the federal social security system.

Worker's Compensation

If the injury can be linked to a particular job-site can a worker's compensation claim be filed against an employer. It is also possible that a worker's compensation claim will conflict with the pursuit of other legal remedies, so it is advisable to consult with an attorney before pursuing this or any other avenue of monetary recovery.

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