Can Ambien affect the memory of a person?

Ambien and memory

ambien and memory

Insomnia drug Ambien is a potent non-benzodiazepine that has to be taken right in order to avoid any debilitating side effects. One of the major side effects that patients on Ambien have reported is trouble with memory. This problem may be either short-term or long-term, depending on the Ambien use. Memory trouble is not the only side effect that comes with Ambien use, other harmful effects being depression, disorientation, confusion, anxiety, disturbances in sleep, loss of interest in life and other physiological effects.

Ambien’s use as a sleeping aid is highly beneficial. Most of the side effects reported with the drug use are when it has been abused. Memory problems can occur even while taking Ambien as directed by the physician. In case there are any such signs like not remembering past events, forgetting that you did something very recently, or not remembering certain incidents at all while on Ambien, consult with the healthcare provider regarding this problem. The doctor may either reduce the Ambien dosage or wean you off the drug with alternative drugs for insomnia.

Memory trouble as a side effect of Ambien

ambien for Memory troubleUnderstanding how and why Ambien can cause short-term or anterograde amnesia will be useful to recognize the symptoms, as well as to seek suitable remedial care. Ambien, the drug that contains the active ingredient Zolpidem, acts as a non-benzodiazepine but with the similar hypnotic effects that come with depressing the central nervous system. By binding to the GABA receptors, Ambien uses the neurotransmitters to influence the brain to fall asleep. Hence, the effect of Ambien is similar to benzodiazepines and memory trouble is one among them.

Memory loss is not always seen in people who take Ambien. In the absence of undisturbed sleep of seven to eight hours, insomnia patients are likely to experience an Ambien ‘hangover’ wherein the effects of the drug prolong even after waking up. The mind is yet to become fully active and so it does not process or store information properly at this time. Ambien is generally prescribed only for persons with severe insomnia and for a short duration only. Buying Ambien online legally can help the person to get hold of the drug without any hassle and one can also get all the information regarding Ambien online from many reputed online pharmacies. Abusing the drug by staying awake after taking an Ambien pill, and increasing or doubling the dose on your own can all cause memory problem.

Tips to avoid Ambien’s effects on memory

Memory trouble or amnesia usually goes away in time though it is imperative to get treatment at the earliest. Some pointers that can help avoid developing loss of memory with Ambien use are:

  • Taking the Ambien pill according to the prescription instructions.
  • Do not share Ambien with anyone with similar symptoms but does not have a prescription to take the pills.
  • Avoid staying awake after taking the pill or waking up before the dedicated sleep time is over.
  • Do not combine Ambien with substances like alcohol and other CNS depressants. Alcohol and Ambien combination is the worst because mixing any medication with alcohol is dangerous.
  • You can take CBD oil to treat the side effects of Ambien after consulting your physician. Before trying CBD, know how to take it through your research or get any experts to help.
  • If taking Ambien CR (controlled release), speak with your doctor on the right way to take medication without developing dangerous side effects.