Can Ambien Sleeping Pills awake brain injured patients?

Ambien for brain injured patientsBrain is a very sensitive part of our body and that’s why there is a thick skull that protects it from external damage or stress. But, still there are some people who manage to get brain injury even after getting a 6.5 mm thick protection. It has been observed in many cases that sleep inducing drugs have worked on an injured brain. In some cases, they have worked to get the damaged brain back to function normally. Known as the Zolpidem Paradox, this has been observed in a lot of patients who gained back a fully functional brain after taking some type of sleep-inducing drug. Let’s see of Ambien is that kind of drug or not.

Zolpidem Paradox and the effect of Ambien

As briefly explained in the para above, this paradox is based on observations of patients who were given Ambien. This has been reported by many different groups, For example, Dr. Schiff described the case of a 48-year-old woman who had been in minimal consciousness for about 12 months and then attempting suicide. She couldn’t move, sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom herself. But, after a dose of Ambien was given to treat her insomnia, she stood up and started performing all the tasks in under 20 minutes. This all appeared as a miracle. Researchers got into her brain and noticed that the frontal region of the brain along with the thalamus and other similar regions were highly active when she was given Ambien and inactive when she was not given Ambien. According to Dr. Schiff, the damage caused in the brain can trigger loss of a pathway consisting of excitatory projections from the cortex to the striatum. In common words, it inhibits the brain from performing any kind of activity, and he or she feels that the brain is fried. But, this fried brain came back to life after just one dose of a sleep-inducing drug Ambien.

The similar effect of Ambien in treating sleep disorder is organic cannabis oil. The use of Cannabis oil can decrease the insomniac effects. You can look into the variety of CBD oil brands for sleep here. This is only an alternative solution. You can get a piece of medical advice from your healthcare professionals before looking for cbd oi instead of Ambien.

How did Ambien help brain injury patients?

Researchers believe that the initial excitation produced by Ambien allows the brain to ride on a kind of “buzz.” “It’s like catching a wave and as those cells get recruited, they become activated and start performing the brain functions normally. This wakes the brain even more.” said Dr. Schiff. The whole process of brain stimulation happens as long as the active ingredients of ambien are active in the blood until it wears off after a certain period, depending on the half-life of ambien. So, this all indicates positively towards the use of ambien to treat brain damage. One thing to keep in mind about the effectiveness of ambien is its specificity. It has been seen that it has worked for a handful of people while it was proven ineffective in certain people. This shows that it is very specific in working for a person. But, it is worth buying Ambien online and using it when you have lost all hope and there is nothing else you can do to bring activity in someone’s brain. Ambien may bring that person’s brain ‘back to life’.