Does Adderall Cause Sleep problems in teens with ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition in which a person also suffers to achieve sleep at a proper time. Some would achieve the sleep mode but they would feel restlessness. Patients with this medical ailment said that, when they go to the bed to sleep, the brain starts to be hyperactive which in turn disables their ability to sleep. As a result of this, these people would wake up very tired in the morning. This medical condition has been popularly treated with Adderall drug. It is now found that those who take this Adderall medication to get relief from ADHD experience sleep problems due to the effect of it. This is very common in teens.

How to cope up with the effect of Adderall medication in teens?

When a child enters the adolescence age pressure increases to a greater extent. This can be regarding their academics or social issues. When a teen is affected by ADHD, the pressure doubles. Teens would feel frustrated in their life. A teen who takes this medication would also suffer from sleep disorders. Fortunately, there are certain ways that can be followed by you to cope up with the effect of this Adderall medication. Before a teen decides to go to sleep, few relaxation techniques can be followed. Reading books or taking a warm bath would definitely help you. If you find that, Adderall medication prevents you to get good sleep, tell the doctor about it. The health care professional would change the time of intake of Adderall. It may be instructed to take Adderall in the morning and not close to bed time. You have to follow a same sleep routine that is; you need to go to the bed at the same time daily. This would make your body to cope up to the regular sleeping activity. A teen with ADHD medical condition should not take coffee especially before going to sleep at night. Since caffeine is the stimulant, it would create negative effects on you. If you are already suffering from sleep problems, intake of coffee would increase this effect drastically.

Should you stop using Adderall to avoid sleep problems?

You are not supposed to stop taking Adderall abruptly without getting advice from the health care professional. Halting the treatment suddenly would unfortunately cause withdrawal symptoms. Though it creates certain sleep problems in the teen, it is also an effective medication in treating ADHD condition. You can ask your doctor on how to manage the sleep problems effectively that is caused by this medication. A doctor would definitely help you in it. They can pave way for taking Adderall drug to treat ADHD effectively. A health care professional would have suggested this pills only after identifying that this drug would be suitable for you. So, ask all the questions you have regarding sleep problems as well as the medication to the medical specialist. Take Adderall medication properly by handling the sleep disorders with the help of medico and treat your ADHD medical condition.

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