Does Long Term Ambien Use Cause Brain Damage?

It is no doubt that many of us are dependent upon the most important drug of our lives, Ambien. Ambien is a very powerful med that is used in the treatment of a medical condition called insomnia. This drug is a sedative and hence is also known as a hypnotic. It can put any person to sleep irrespective of how restless he/ she is. Physicians prescribe Ambien in the first place when it comes to prescribing meds that treat the sleep disorder insomnia. But did any of you realize that this sedative does come with risk? Well, if you haven’t, then it is now time for you to learn that too much of Ambien is not going to be good. A recent study revealed that long-term Ambien use can cause brain damage. Continue reading this blog in order to know more about Ambien and its ill effects on the brain.

Ambien and brain damage

Many individuals have difficulty sleeping and most of them suffer from insomnia, which is severe enough to interfere with the daily lives. Sleep meds like Ambien can help people with insomnia to fall asleep very quickly. The drug also helps them to stay asleep for quite a long time. The drug induces the person to such a peaceful sleep that they feel so much satisfied after having slept for long. The sleep med Ambien comprises the active component Zolpidem which plays an essential role in inducing insomniac patients to sleep. The sleep-aiding medicine Ambien is usually prescribed only for a short term period, say for about six weeks or so. Given the condition that Ambien is to be used only for a temporary basis, some individuals are so attached to it that they can’t manage to sleep without a dose of Ambien. Under such circumstances, it becomes very difficult to sleep without taking Ambien. This is an indication that you have become addicted to the drug or your body needs Ambien in order to get sound sleep. When you become overly addicted to the drug, you might continue using it even after the recommended time frame. While some may develop addiction to the drug as they take it for recreational purposes. Irrespective of the cause of addiction, prolonged use of Ambien does have a hazardous effect on the body. The effects take a toll on the user’s physical, mental and psychological well-being and also on their personal lives.

Dangerous effects of Ambien

Ambien can do some strange things to your brain while you take the pill and enjoy its effects it bestows upon you in the form of sound sleep. The drug is known to work by binding the receptors that help to switch off consciousness. You might find it difficult in remembering things or while performing complex tasks. Some patients might also experience paradoxical excitation. These are the short-term side effects of Ambien. Ambien also has the potential to cause Parasomnias. In addition the drug damages the brain by causing various bodily disorders like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease etc. which are a kind of severe side effects of the med. Therefore, users of Ambien need to exercise caution and should not indulge in taking too much of the drug. At all circumstances, it is better to follow doctor’s advice carefully and do not let yourself become addicted to the med.

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