Is Adderall a miracle drug for treating anxiety?

Adderall could be a miracle drug for treating anxiety disorders, but it absolutely depends on the patient and the prescribing physician. Anxiety can be very crippling and hinder the patient from functioning normally or completing any task properly. Anxiety disorder patients usually feel emotionally and physically drained. If you take a closer look, some of the anxiety symptoms resemble that of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the condition for which Adderall is the drug of treatment choice. With similar symptoms between certain anxiety disorders and ADHD, it is definitely a possibility to use Adderall for treating anxiety.

Patients who would be most in need of the drug for anxiety are those who are resistant to treatment to standard anti-anxiety medication. Each individual responds differently to drugs and some of them may not be sufficient to produce the desired effects. Anxiety patients who are tired of trying different anti-anxiety drugs but unable to get the condition under control can try Adderall as a treatment drug. Sometimes, the ADHD drug may also be prescribed for depression patients who are resistant to antidepressants. Read on to see how Adderall helps patients with anxiety disorders.

How Adderall helps anxiety disorder patients

Adderall being a psychostimulant, it helps in raising the dopamine level in the brain along with increasing norepinephrine. Consequently, the person taking the drug would feel focused, more productive, and generally less agitated. These effects of the drug can immensely help patients with anxiety disorders, particularly the types where they have difficulty being social or are unable to perform regular tasks due to overwhelming anxiety. The increased energy and optimism that taking Adderall gives will also help the anxiety patient to feel significantly better with the reduction of symptoms. The sense of the calmness and being on control of the situation that Adderall’s effects can bring on makes for a better quality of life and considerable improvement in the anti-anxiety therapy. However, the medication is yet to be prescribed more often for anxiety due to various factors. Let us see some of them below.

Why Adderall for anxiety is not commonly prescribed

As you may already know, this drug is classified as a controlled substance and the FDA has many stringent rules regarding its use. The amphetamine salt is approved primarily for treating symptoms of ADHD and is not yet a standard drug of choice for anxiety. Psychiatrists must have very valid reasons before prescribing Adderall to anxiety disorder patients who do not find relief from approved anxiety medication. It’s potential for abuse is another reason why doctors are required to be more scrupulous when prescribing it. Off-label Adderall prescription for anxiety is not as popular among healthcare providers yet. Additionally, more research showing the benefits of the drug for anxiety would be required before it becomes a standard treatment option. It works best in anxiety patients if it is taken when the symptoms are severe. But the minimal side effects of this drug compared to anxiety meds may soon work in the favor of Adderall as a miracle drug for anxiety disorders.

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