Does Provigil really have a Brain-Boosting Benefit?

Provigil benefitsWith stress, tension and the need to work harder, more and more people are choosing pharmaceuticals in order to enhance or boost their mental capabilities, learning and memorizing capabilities, to improve cognitive skills and to stay focussed and alert. The socially accepted drink, namely coffee, just does not seem to be enough for maximizing cognitive performance.

Hence, a number of “smart drugs”, “nootropics” and “brain enhancing drugs” are being introduced to the market. However, whether these can actually enhance the brain functions and cognitive performance is not known to many.

Provigil – A brain-enhancing drug or a nootropic?

Provigil or Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug, approved by the FDA and used in the USA since the year 1998. It is a brain-enhancing drug that is used to treat sleep disorders as it can effectively make a person more attentive, alert, and focused and thus, improve the memory levels and cognitive performances. The nootropics do the same tasks as a brain-enhancing drug, but does no harm to the brain or have no side effects. Provigil or Modafinil has no side effects on the consumer and hence, it can well be said to be a nootropic.

How does Provigil work?

Provigil has been used to treat sleep apnea or narcolepsy or any other sleep disorder for a very long time. It can increase alertness. In all these years, the popularity of this drug has only increased because of its efficacy. However, whether Provigil can actually boost the brain and enhance its functionality or whether it is beneficial for the brain or not, has only been proven recently.

How Provigil treats sleep disorders is not very clearly known to the doctors. But, research studies have shown that histamine and orexin are the neurotransmitters that actually control the sleep and wakefulness cycles. Provigil works on them and thus treats narcolepsy and sleep apnea.

Provigil and brain-boosting benefits

The recent research studies have also shown that Provigil, along with treating sleep disorder treating, is also a “smart drug” that improves intelligence, attention levels, memorizing capabilities and learning capabilities. Though no mechanism has been established by the researchers regarding how Provigil smart drug or Modafinil works in boosting brain and cognitive powers, it can certainly be said that this drug imparts only minimal to rare side effects. Hence, this nootropic drug is often being used by students, entrepreneurs and bankers and many others for enhancing their memory.

Apart from balancing the sleep disorder and improving the cognitive abilities, this drug also has a number of other beneficial impacts on the brain. Provigil elevates the glutamate levels and thus the brain cells get excited and perform better in a more alert way. The serotonin levels are also enhanced by this drug and hence, the mood is lifted.

Conclusion on Provigil

However, Provigil often comes with a few short-lived side effects such as a headache and anxiety, nervousness and weight loss or even insomnia, if taken in a higher dose or at the wrong time. But, these side effects ward off after a short span of time. These studies have not made Provigil a more often prescribed drug by the doctors for boosting cognitive capabilities.